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Hi Sarah
  You could try nabuur.com and these guys might come to the party.
                   Wired has an interview with Larry Brilliant, the new head of the Google Foundation. He's the man in charge of spending $1,000,000,000 plus one percent of the equity, 1 percent of the profits, and 1 percent of the people of Google. For now, the foundation has a triple mandate: In no particular order, global public heath, global poverty and the climate crisis. Mr. Brilliant says: "I’m going to approach this the way a venture capitalist would – map out the industry to see what the gaps are. You fund an initiative, learn what works, and ask, 'Will it scale?' [...] Many of the issues we face in dealing with rapid climate change are well suited to an engineering mind." 

Avoid the search, go direct to ::Google Foundation 

  Keep smiling

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  Can anyone help Sarah out with info or contacts? Please reply directly to her email

Naomi (Southern Cross Permaculture Institute, Victoria, Australia)

Check out our website at

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Hi Naomi, 
My name is Sarah and I am from the Mornington Peninsula, but living in India in Gujerat in a rural town. We have problems with sal affected land here and I am researching different ways we might be able to slow the degredation and increase the regeneration.

I read a bio about you on the permaculture international website and wondered if you have any digital info on working with salt affected land you could send me?? Here we are at the start of wet season and there are no trees to soak up the water, it just lies about. It is very flat land. we drove the other night for a couple of hours and the scenery was all the same. a tree here and there, but just flat paddocks. I am interested in sustainable ag. but I havent done a permaculture course, I do know that people all over the world need access to the wisdom of pc. I was happy to read that you and your husband have been teaching all over the world - congratulations! what a wonderful thing to be involved in.

I am currently studying with a good friend under a guru in a town 100km from Ahmedabad in Gujerat. We have purchased some land for a new school and ashram, animal shelter and orphanage. we are keen to have some lush gardens, fruit trees and vegies. We want to teach the kids about sustainable use of the land as well as show locals what can be done here. When Bill and geoff Lawton put on that Melbourne Uni course recently my friend helped organise it and I met some wonderful people from around the world. Do you have contacts in India you could put me in touch with. I need to have a chat to someone about what projects have been undertaken and what succeses and failures have come about.

Our organisation is committed to achieving a worldwide fraternity of people working in harmony with man and nature. We are starting to call now for people from all over the world to come and work with us on many community projects and at the same time work on themselves and their own spiritual development. We will also be starting some projects in Australia in the coming years which is exciting! We are not religious but definitely spiritual. If by chance you know anyone who is thinking of coming to india let them know about us as we have enough resources to cover for many people's needs - feel free to pas on this email address. We will be starting the building of the school and ashram after the rains in oct/nov. but people are welcome anytime.

I trust this email finds you happy and well.
I look forward to hearing back from you and finding out if you have any information or contacts that might be of help to this project.
Sarah Southall 

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