[permaculture] Techniques for capturing moisture

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Mon Jul 17 15:32:32 EDT 2006

Hi Marjory,

This is a little late but, for some reason, the mail system kept 
rejecting this simple message - something ithasn't done in my many years 
on this list.

To answer your question of a few days ago Yes, I slept in the trench 
with groundsheet over the top. Lots of condensation in the cool desert 

- Jeffrey

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> Hi Jeffry,
> I am having a bit of difficulty grasping the logistics of the desert 
> sleeping arrangements you wrote about. You dug a sleeping hole / 
> trench.. and you slept in the trench with your ground cover above you 
> capturing water? er what?? sorrry for being so dense, but I am curious.
> Sincerely,
> Marjory
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>> I spent a little time camping out in the Namibian desert. It was 
>> accepted practice to dig a sleeping hole and cover it with your 
>> groundsheet, weighted around the edge of the hole with rocks. I awoke 
>> each morning dry and - of interest to this discussion - my (canvas) 
>> groundsheet was sagging with a good few litres of water.
>> - Jeffrey

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