[permaculture] uncolleging and pc in India

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 17 11:39:42 EDT 2006

Steve, you are so right. My one who went around the world is a girl, now 22. Shoestring was not edible, she paid for ticket and the rest was WWOOFing, Willing Workers on Organic Farms, room and board for labor. Now she and boyfriend want to buy land (college money from grandparents) and learn permaculture and start a WWOOF farm themselves. All her great grandparents, all four grandparents, both parents, all have lotsa college so everyone raises eyebrows at this smart kid not going to school. Smarter than the rest of us, maybe. The point you make is almost painful...how much have we/I forgotten, how can I keep learning from nature, what good are all the degrees if you have to get in a car and burn oil every time you're hungry or thirsty. Kathyann, thank you SO much for asking your son and sending his reply. Geez, I think if Micaela just wrote down what she's been up to, yes, it would be a heckuva transcript. In the Himalayas on second trip one day they realized no shelter would be available that night so the boyfriend built something out of rocks and sticks and debris that kept 6 adults warm and dry through a rainy snowy night. He didn't learn that in college, and he went; also knows primitive skills. Regardng the post about permaculture in India, I would like contact info for that gal, for future reference, for next daughter who wants to go around the world "blowing" her college money. Kathy

kathy,paul,knat-------who is in control of reality? can you get to the point of "knowing" that you can deal with whatever the universe offers?---uncolleging? how about uncertificating?in all my readings about the lenni lenape and  other tribes they kept saying that nature teaches you. tune into natures rhythms and processes and you will learn how to be here.  is that not possible today?  did nature stop teaching? do you need a degree to flow with the universe? will the universe not support you if you connect with it? or is that all over with?    aha!!!
also are shoestrings edible?recipes? shelter? means of transportation?however he did that he must be empowered---steve from pa.

Kathy Evans <evansdk at earthlink.net> wrote:
Paul, Can you tell us more about what your son is doing uncolleging? I have
one who has so far traveled around the world twice on a shoestring,
volunteering. I have a hard time letting go of thinking they need a degree.

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