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KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Sat Jul 15 03:31:33 EDT 2006

Kathy Evans wrote:

>Kathyann, I may not even understand the question, but if you're asking what
>I think you're asking, I'm not sure it's possible to "track" what's
>happening inside the hearts and souls and brains of children in a learning
>environment like your school without diluting and compromising what's
>really happening and without adversely affecting it. 
This is probably true of anything, but we do do it. As I map our home 
culture (I dislike the word property), it isn't my making a map that 
would diminish the value of an individual plant. If I disrespect its 
value and connections to everything else under and around it, its 
contributions and its needs, I do disservice, but that is in my attitude 
with the map, not the map itself.. But making the map allows me to share 
with others, who have not sat with that plant, its amazing value, and 
reinput, contextually, the knowledge I have of it. I'm hoping someone 
has been working with computerizing enough to have an idea of a program 
that can record this example of a plant- location; type; needs-sun, 
water, type minerals-ph, cohabitants; contributions- medicinal, nitrogen 
fixer, well rooted for slope, leaf litter, cohabitant 
protection/supplies; (energy form if it's someone like me); reproduction 
style, timing; seasonal cycles. Quick list but you get the idea. Noting 
the patterns does not reduce the plant to only those elements but allows 
me to include it and its value whenever I consider the area as a whole 
and gives more details than I may recall when tending it.
Logging a human individual would be very similar as the plant with 
webbing to cohabitants and shared mineral or sun needs. In fact the 
needs of the humans here is considered without apparent damage (I hope, 
I'm on the map in my frequent spots.)
As far as terms to apply to an individual student's core, I imagine it 
would be like our in-house mandala. Probably using Brent Cameron's new 
book, Self-Design, for reference- the state understands anything if I 
can put a publisher's information and it has great research behind it.
There is great correlation between feeling capable of making necessary 
changes in childhood and adult happiness. So we can keep communication 
in terms of empowering a developing self. (We are not able to be as 
free-form as Wondertree, yet, but Self-design does create "categories" 
for intentions.)


ps I do like Dumbing Us Down and, coincidentally, saw John Taylor Gatto, 
most recently, 2 weekends ago- working, and playing, with alternative 
educators (including brainstorming this desire of mine for permaculture 
logging of children.) AERO has tapes of his sessions.

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