[permaculture] Schooling- was homeschooling

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 14 21:51:31 EDT 2006

Kathyann, I may not even understand the question, but if you're asking what
I think you're asking, I'm not sure it's possible to "track" what's
happening inside the hearts and souls and brains of children in a learning
environment like your school without diluting and compromising what's
really happening and without adversely affecting it. I take it you must
needs come up with something to satisfy powers that be, but it will be an
awkward fit, I'm sure of that. What is happening with the kids is that they
are developing awareness, sensitivity, and and inner life that reflects the
land they live on/within, learning to make connections, seeing the whole of
the thing. How the heck do you make that into measurable outputs, even with
the web idea? I fear it will be like Schroedinger's cat, and something will
die in the process of trying to measure it. Measurement and evaluation are
the enemies of creativity. I would think to stick with anecdotal evidence,
maybe portfolios but even that begs busy work so that you'll have something
to put in the thing. I reckon you've read John Taylor Gatto, but if you
haven't, start with Dumbing Us Down. Maybe I missed what you're looking for
but how could anyone measure, for example, what goes on inside artists to
make them artists? No computer program exists. A kid growing up in the
country sees that the work he does fits with the work everyone else does
and with the rhythms of nature. You feed the chickens, they feed you, they
fertilize your garden, they sing a little song when they lay an egg, you
sing a little song to them when you close them up at night. It all makes
sense. If you ever figure a way to put that on a computer program, it will
be a very interesting program. That's where even the best schools go crazy,
I guess--trying to show the Board and the parents what's happening. Tell
them there is zero correlation between academic performance in school and
happiness in later life. That's in the research literature. Tell them that
the way kids are living and learning in your school is a lifestyle that
will always be with them and that is what will bring happiness, survival,
wisdom. Best of luck, Kathy     PS Did you know your name means "Pure

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