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KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Fri Jul 14 08:15:15 EDT 2006

Any of you creative types have a program, probably being used for 
permaculture influences over time, that can track progress in approx 8 
areas, with benchmarks. Our school, based on experiential curriculum w 
permaculture eye, is in need of computerizing and I can only see us in 
in 3-4D.
I'd love a mind like this group helping me demonstrate what happens when 
you enrich a child's environment and empower their motivations. I know 
as a homeschooler of 20 years, with a Homeschool Resource Center for 15 
years, what happens individually. Now I need to allow officials, 
accustomed to isolated data, to see a real school community.
A "lesson" is an activity allowing the potential for webbing into 
multiple "subjects."
Knowledge of "subjects" develop in usually predictable cycles but 
sometimes outside influences overdevelops one ahead of the others or 
cultivation in one area unexpectedly allows entry of a new "advanced" 
Meanwhile a given individual, within the flow of cycles, can be best 
understood and nourished with information tracking to see individual 
patterns, as relational to influences and to inherent design, to make 
sure individual needs are addressed.
This is how I view everything in this land I live with and I see you all 
starting to use graphic means to share info with each other. Does this 
sound like anything one of you knows that I can use as a base for a 
school tracking system?

Kathyann, Ridge and Valley Charter School 
can be off-list at knat at sprintmail.com since not everyone may see the 
permaculture aspect of public school education

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