[permaculture] sustainability and invisible structures..nowhome-schooling!

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 14 03:34:59 EDT 2006

Thomas, Education is an essential part of this mix, and I wish I'd known
about permaculture when my kids were little. They are getting an earful
regarding what I learn on this list. I've told them and a dozen people
about the weeks-long scythe discussion--Consciousness raising! I got a
chuckle about what you said about it being easier 35+ years ago, with
parents having less distractions...not sure how old you are, but as a child
in rural northern Iowa in the early sixties, I watched easily 6 hours of
television a day. It is amusing but pathetic that I still know the words to
all the verses of oh, say, the Petticoat Junction theme song. We ate Mrs.
Swanson's TV dinners, mashed potatoes and some sort of breaded animal flesh
and maybe peas, pretty much all the same color and in aluminum trays with
triangular partitions, whilst watching Red Skelton or Walt Disney...Now
there is at least some awareness of what television does to our brain cells
but mine was the first generation raised on it and nobody even wondered.
For me it was a welcome relief from real life and at least none of it was
bizarre talk shows. Jerry Springer wasn't around then (though when I was a
teenager and lived in Cincinnati, he was the mayor and came and talked to
our 7th grade class about grass roots organizing). You're right about
overrated SAT scores, but they do come in handy for a homeschooler with no
particular transcript. Many colleges now court homeschoolers. My own have
gone to public school high school and did not lose their soul there and had
great teachers but some ridiculous priorities forced upon teachers in the
name of working toward high standardized test scores. And I wonder about
homeschooling college....I heard the other day someone's proposal to give
college credit for world travel...no papers to write, just credit for
having gotten out there and seen how things are elsewhere. My oldest could
have a couple of degrees by now if that were the case, maybe with extra
credit for typhoid fever.                  Cheers, Kathy

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