[permaculture] sustainability and invisible structures..now home-schooling!

Thomas Gorman tom at honeychrome.com
Thu Jul 13 18:41:14 EDT 2006

Love the ocean liner analogy for large-scale, mass education.  We  
could go a step further and make it a specific ocean liner, namely  
the Titanic!
And I'm pleased to hear the figures linking high SAT scores to  
families eating together- I suspect there are a whole slew of more  
meaningful things (I'm skeptical of how important SAT scores are in  
the grand scheme) that could be positively linked to families, or any  
group of two or more preparing dinner and eating it together.   
Overall health, strength of relationships, and on and on.  Though it  
seems that the first step is to throw away the television- once it's  
gone there is magically the time to prepare and eat together!

I've heard other anecdotal evidence that home-schooling isn't hard to  
do at all.  Babies are born with the fire for learning already  
primed, for the most part all we need to do is make sure there is  
plenty of fuel around them and they'll keep it going themselves!   No  
doubt it was easier 35+ years ago for so-minded parents to keep the  
distractions and manipulations of our larger society at bay when  
trying to educate their kids.  It all seems pretty relentless now,  
but it does seem like, from some of what you wrote, there are  
stronger and more organized efforts to help home-schooling.  Thanks  
for sharing it all!

It's interesting that in my reading on permaculture, which granted is  
still limited, this is the first instance of schooling and education  
coming up as a topic of discussion.  Seems like an essential element  
of it all!

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