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Thu Jul 13 12:29:09 EDT 2006

the longer i'm here in this incredibly diverse zone,
the more clear this becomes:

it's not about one ethnic, religious, or political
group versus another, it's about those who care for
the earth and each other and those who don't

it's nice to stay focused on the positive,
personal-scale activities which have unambiguous
benefits. plenty of folks in the world prefer the
drama of conflict rather than taking responsibilitity
for their own needs and actions.

thank g-d we've got some design principles and
techniques that are transethnically beneficial.

my latest info is below.



Permaculture Seeds Workshops, learn by doing! 

it turns out that i have SO MANY different types of
seeds that still need organizing, i'm willing to teach
more and give away more seed in exhange for help
putting seeds into envelopes and containers, and
labeling them.

all info from my post last month is below.
this will be happening ongoing until it's done for
now, but certainly all day friday is likely. please
phone if you want to come.

seeds = amazing abundance

akiva werbalowsky
phone: 052-569-4533
from outside israel: 972-52-569-4533

there has never been such an amazing selection of
mature organic food seeds to be harvested and
processed in jerusalem than there is now at the
Jerusalem Permculture Center. this is one of the
biggest eco-success stories in israel!

Come and help with this celebration and
social-learning gathering from now to at least June
28, possibly after also but no guarentees. it's the
classic "you snooze you lose". There will NOT be this
kind of opportunity in the near future, this is the

take home hundreds of shekels of seed in exchange for
helping out, and learn how to grow food for maximum
health and sustainability. many hands make for quick
work: threshing, winnowing, sorting, storing,
labeling, organizing, etc

staying overnight, even for multiple days is possible,
and there's lots of great fresh organic food from the
garden, solar oven, electic massage chair, live
acoustic music jams... more!

phone akiva: 052-569-4533


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