[permaculture] Subject: Sustainability and Invisible Structures

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 13 12:20:19 EDT 2006

Dear Jenny, Have you read John Holt's work? I think the public school
system is like a giant old oak tree, or an ocean liner. You get on and go
where they want to go. You can spend your life trying to steer it in a way
that more suits your children's needs, but it ain't easy and they'll be
grown and gone by the time you can make a change. Homeschooling is a little
sapling, or a small sailboat...more flexibility. Changing the system
happens too slow to do your own kids any good...again, homeschooling is
like permaculture in that you see the whole picture, what works for your
family, and start there. The wasbund (my friend's word for her ex) can be a
problem...but geezl Pete, there are a MILLION statistics out there that
show that homeschooled kids perform light years better on standardized
tests than their public school counterparts. Maybe he'd listen to those.
Good luck. Kathy

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