[permaculture] How many wearings for a cotton shirt?

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Thu Jul 13 07:40:34 EDT 2006

I am trying to figure out how long things last to plan for future needs. I have an idea on some of them, and no idea on others. I'd appreciate your input on how long things last if they are the same or different. Assume items are of good quality to start with.  And if you just have ideas on a few of them, please let me know those.  No need to have data on the whole list. :-)

The number(s) on the right  reflect the number of days of use.

Cotton Tshirt, 150-250
Cotton polo shirt, 250
Cotton oxford type shirt--worn for heavy yard work, 
Cotton oxford type shirt--worn for office work/school,
Cotton sweatshirt, 
Linen shirt--worn for heavy yard work, 
Linen shirt--worn for office work, 
Silk dress shirt, 
Cotton jeans or heavy work pants, 100
Cotton pants or skirts--worn for office work/school, 250
Cotton shorts/woven,
Cotton sweatpants,
Cotton sweater,
Wool sweater,
Cotton women's everyday underwear,
Silk women's everday underwear,
Cotton men's everyday underwear briefs,
Cotton men's boxers,
Cotton women's bras,
Cotton women's bras with wires,
Cotton sheets, 3650
Cotton bath towel, 1460-2190
Cotton dish towel, 600
Cotton dish washing cloth, 180
Cotton napkin/serviette,
Cotton quilted comforter, 3650
Wool blanket,
Cotton baby blanket, 1460
Cotton diaper/nappies,
Leather work gloves 365Y, 90
Leather cold weather gloves,
Cotton knitted gloves or mittens,
Wool knitted gloves or mittens,
Hiking/work shoes, 90-180
Office/school shoes, 
Cotton jacket,
Wool suit,
Silk suit,
Wool coat,
Cotton socks,
Wool socks,
Leather belt,
Cotton sneakers,
Leather sandals,
Leather dress shoes,
and please feel free to list other basic items that you have or would like info on

gordonse at one.net

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