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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Jul 13 00:27:11 EDT 2006

Vt. Dairy Farm Harnesses Power of Cow Pies
By DAVID GRAM, Associated Press Writer Fri Jun 30, 7:58 AM ET

BRIDPORT, Vt. - The cows at the Audet family's Blue Spruce Farm make nearly 9,000 gallons of milk a day — and about 
35,000 gallons of manure.

It's long been the milk that pays, but now the Audets have figured out how to make the manure pay as well. They're using 
it — actually, the methane that comes from it — to generate electricity.

With the help of their power company, Central Vermont Public Service Corp., the Audets have devised a way to extract the 
methane from the manure and pipe it to a generator.

They make enough electricity to power 300 to 400 average Vermont homes. It's renewable energy, and they're not the only 
ones interested in it. Four other Vermont farms now have similar projects in the planning or early construction stages, 
power company officials said.


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