[permaculture] Techniques for capturing moisture

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Wed Jul 12 11:54:19 EDT 2006

On Thursday 13 July 2006 1:30 am, sinergyinaction at netscape.net wrote:
 ] how is it possible to catch and store humidity from air (not rainfall!)?
 ] Any ideas or experiences?

 I believe there's two tried and tested approaches that work on a
 decent scale.  (For small scale stuff, just having a rock mulch, or
 a sheet of metal angled towards the drip zone, will give some

 Ponds and piles of rocks, though, can recover sizeable quantities
 of water from the air .. but that depends on geography as much as
 design, I suspect.

 Historically, the English built insulated ponds -- straw, then clay,
 then rocks above that.  This ensured the water was cooler than the
 surrounding soil, and dissippated heat as fast as possible.  Site
 became important (water-laden air follows valleys) -- so half
 way up a valley is ideal.

 Going back even further, there are lots of recorded examples of
 using a stack of rocks (sitting on top of a big water-proof 'saucer',
 usually of rock too) -- but this has to be a *big* stack to be
 really useful .. and you need to be in a pretty foggy place for
 it to be of much benefit.  I believe in ideal situations you can
 recover a few thousand litres of water a night from these kinds
 of devices .. but not sure how big that would need to be, and
 whether there are thermal limitations on the optimum size of
 your pile -- or just practical ones.



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