[permaculture] cleaning up old messages before sending replys

E. E. Mitchamore Jr emitch at att.net
Tue Jul 11 11:31:33 EDT 2006

I don't know why, but I had never seen the posts that Ben was responding to.  That happens often:  I see replies to posts that have never reached me.

On the other hand, I often receive replies with little hint about the original post.

My preferred compromise is to retain the previous post (only) and delete older parts of the thread.  Since I participate in many forums and conversations, it's hard to keep them straight without some context.

E. E. "Mitch" Mitchamore
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  Ben and others on this list serve could you please clean up (delete) old 
  messages before sending your reply.  It is so tiresome having  to scroll
  through pages of old mail that has already been read in previous 
  postings.  Doesn't take much effort to reduce my and others effort to 
  read around
  old stuff.

  Scott Pittman

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