[permaculture] The Unholy Trinity: Peak Oil. Climate Change. Soil Depletion

andrew phillips greenman124 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 19:05:22 EDT 2006

I have set up a kind of template for a permaculture
design outfit. Obviously it needs lots of work but you
will see that it may have applications in your
bio-regions and beyond. 

It is a way to build a web and a place for people to
go when they ask:
 "So what is permaculture...?"

The link should take you to a piece I wrote
researching "Evidence" for a course I am teaching
later this year...it is depressing but I think it is
the context we are working in.

I will be interested to see what you think.

Andrew Phillips


By the way, the NorthEast Permaculture Gathering at
D-Acres, New Hampshire saw about 80 folks for a great
weekend - lots of good energy out there and Dave Jacke
a great inspiration. Thanks to all involved.


Permaculture encourages:
"Care of Earth. Care of people. Return of surplus to both. "

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