[permaculture] BD Now! heritage peach tree preservation

oliver smith callis oliversmithcallis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 18:30:43 EDT 2006

I should have clarified I do not own or control the property (which is at
risk of being developed) and am limited to propagation strategies to
preserve this rootstock & variety. For the rootstock- I thought I might dig
up one of the roots and expose part of it above ground, protect it with a
milk carton with the bottom cut off (staked to the ground), add some
fertilizer and see if I can't get it to sprout. Then sever the root from the
tree and replant it. Does this seem feasible? Also, what if I took root
cuttings, dipped them in rooting hormone and left them in a rooting
medium-vermiculite type mixture...
Much appreciated,

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