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We have a 1980 VW Rabbit that is our commuter car, gets 43 miles per  gallon.  We are running it on Biodiesel, thanks to local activism  by leaders in the biofuel movement at Pacific Biofuel, in collaboration  with USA fuel station (mainstream providers of gasoline). 
  Sure, this is Santa Cruz California, the Left coast. Home of many  environmental experiments and fine weather year round. We don't kid  ourselves that this is THE answer for the world. As for now, it is a  solution which will most likely lead to other solutions by introducing  a wider population of conventional thinkers to alternatives in fuel  usage. 
  Making convenient the access of biofuels at a standard filling station  provides a point of education for others who have no idea there's an  alternative. Each time I fill up, I talk with people of every stripe  who then become interested. I don't curse them either because we all  have to start learning somewhere, as I did. 
  Think diesel generators, tractors, buses, 18-wheelers and other work  vehicles that are throwing amazing amounts of particulates into the  air...and imagine it smelling like a cleaner fish n' chips instead. 
  Mr. Pittman was right on with his comments and I'm slowly heading in  that direction, for now I'll be decending thataway in a biofueled  vehicle.
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I know of someone here in St. Louis who has what she calls a "greasel"
vehicle, converted from diesel, I think, that is powered entirely by
discarded used oil from places like McDonald's. I'm sure besides being good
for the environment this is good for for McDonald's karma as well as her
own! I don't know much about emissions from burning such fuel. Kathy


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