[permaculture] permaculture - Biofuel Illusion

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Jul 9 16:31:56 EDT 2006

Scott Pittman wrote:
> We should think of a future without ... without farm equipment etc.  

Uh oh ....

Maybe so with adequately trained farmers, market farmers, homestead gardeners (I like that term better than "backyard 
gardener") and landscape gardeners. Provide them with well designed hand tools and human powered equipment for tillage 
and weeding and other necessary garden tasks .... and bicycles for transportation.... and good footwear for gardeners 
and those who choose to walk where they go.

> Time to support those rare breeds of horses and oxen for future 
> survival. The solution is to change our lifestyle, I
> think that we should be looking to the Amish for direction and for 
> technology.

Very much so.

> Why is it that no one wants to talk about moving to a more simple life 
> style?  People had it pretty good in the 18th and 19th century without 

That's the direction to follow.

> all the petroleum, the problem then, as now, was political ineptitude 
> and greed leading to nationalistic war over territory and natural 
> resources. 

Without a fair system of sharing and distributing those resources there will always be a
materials grab accompanying a power grab.

> As we seem hell bent on destroying natural resources, 

Utterly senseless these days.

> perhaps the ultimate outcome will be less reason to fight each other.  

When people gain the confidence to sustain their own existence with having
to worry about the greedy making that process difficult or impossible, there will be less opportunity for conflict or 
confrontation. Then there will be time for reflection and creativly forging a new future for humanity.

> Self sustaining would seem to lead one to the idea that if we can't 
> provide for our needs for fuel then we shouldn't be using it - or is 
> that permaculture idea too radical for consideration.

Its right on track.


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