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> The solution is to change our lifestyle, I 
>think that we should be looking to the Amish for direction and for 

The Amish, however, are dependent upon the larger society and its fossil
fuel inputs for many aspects of their life.  They use modern medical
facilities, for example, getting a ride to a hospital from a neighbor when
necessary.  They buy the cloth from which their clothing is made.  They use
refrigerators operated by kerosene.  They use kerosene lights.  They buy
much of their food:  which is transported of course by fossil fuels, and
grown by fossil fuels too.  They buy fossil-fuel based fertilizer. 

It's a total misconception that the Amish are not dependent on fossil
fuels.  Maybe less dependent than many of us, yes.  But still; that
dependency is there and it is very important to their way of life.

(How do I know this?  I used to live in Delaware, near a large Amish
community.  I now live in northern Pennsylvania, near a very conservative
Mennonite community and near some Amish as well.  I have had a chance to
become familiar with Amish and conservative Mennonite life by personal
observation and by being friends with some of the people.)

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