[permaculture] veggie oil car

Jenny Katz jennykatz at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 9 15:50:01 EDT 2006

Hi all--

I run my 2002 TDI Jetta on pure vegetable oil, which I pick up once a week
at a Japanese restaurant in Hartford. I bought a conversion kit from
greasecar.com and had it installed by a mechanic. Basically, it entails a
second gas tank where the spare tire used to be, the appropriate wires and
hoses to bring the fuel up to the engine, a (very sketchy) second fuel gauge
in the cockpit of the car, and a toggle switch (next to the gauge) that
allows me to switch from tank to tank. You have to start and stop on diesel,
because when the engine's not warm the veggie oil is too viscous.

I had all this done about a year ago. It hasn't been trouble-free, and it
can get messy, but I'm finally figuring out my system. People usually
comment about the cost--Wow, it must be great to get free gas!--but, for me,
by far the best thing about the setup is the fact that I'm running off
garbage. I think biofuels will be a small part of the powerdown world, but I
think the economics (and ethics) of it really makes sense only when the SVO
is waste. If you're growing it just for fuel, you get right back into the
usual problems. Better, far better, to make choices that allow us to walk or
ride a bike instead.

I've been following this fabulous list for months now, but haven't yet
posted. You're all my heroes. Thanks.

Jenny Katz

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