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Sat Jul 8 17:07:11 EDT 2006


Thanks for the post. As with everything I started from scratch. I didn't do
any classes to learn just put in some serious hours. Now this is possibly
reflected in the layout and style of my plans, in that when I check out
(avidly) other design professionals' plans I pick up bits and pieces to
improve my own game. It took until 2004 for me to go do a short course (in
AutoCAD) to learn that there are (as for everything) drafting layout

To answer your question though, doing a basic drafting course (likely to be
AutoCAD) would be a good foundation, one that I possibly should have done in
1994! AutoCAD is an amazing program and I have only done a couple of plans
using it. 

On the larger of the two plans I went 3 times over my quoted time (at my
cost), and was caught up in the sub millimeter minutae that AutoCAD is
capable of. For a 60 acre farm layout this was way over the top! If you
crack AutoCAD then anything else, like MapInfo etc are a walk in the park as
they are all very similar in a lot of ways. I have yet to publish online
these AutoCAD plans but will in a week or so.  

I use MapInfo because its functional, easy to use and does what I want
quickly and easily. 


Darren J. Doherty

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