[permaculture] Lovelock/climate change

Kai Vido kaivido at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 19:37:52 EDT 2006

Amen, Martin and Ben! I agree with both of you.

kai vido

--- Martin Naylor <martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Guys
>   However due to the slowing down of gulf stream some 20% over last 15 years ? we may be heading
> for a mini ice age, Scientist know some thing is going to happen but are not quite sure how what
> when or where, we do know we have run out of oil, not a drop left in 40 years, aren't we lucky
> it is Life and Life only.
>   Enjoy the game: results are released on your death
>   Keep smiling
>   Martin
> Ben Martin Horst <ben.martinhorst at gmail.com> wrote:
>   webmaster at pfaf.org wrote:
> > We're not all fucked! Certainly those of us in the west are going to be
> > more protected from the effects than Bangladesh and other poorer
> > countries. Its also possible that permaculture plots may be more
> > resilient to the changes than conventional growers. Both Gaia theory and
> > permaculture suggest that a more diverse eco-system will be less fragile.
> >
> > 
> I would argue that those of us in the "West" (ie, those of us with 
> relative wealth) are not going to be "more protected" from the effects 
> of climate change, although we may perhaps be more able to escape the 
> effects of individual climate-change-related disasters. Meaning, Florida 
> and Long Island will be just as soggy as Bangladesh and Bikini, even if 
> Floridians have more means to escape individual flooding events than the 
> average Bangladeshi. Then again, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may 
> indicate that USonians really won't be that much better off.
> In the long run, accumulated monetary wealth is going to have a 
> negligible impact on survival. Much more important will be adaptability 
> and networks of friends, kin, or like-minded people ... characteristics 
> that are arguably lacking in much of the "West." And long term, networks 
> and adaptability are going to be much more valuable in the promulgation 
> and success of permaculture than monetary wealth. I suspect that five 
> hundred years from now, the descendants of today's "Third World" 
> populations will have coped with climate change at least as well as 
> Westerners.
> Ben
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