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Hi Guys
  However due to the slowing down of gulf stream some 20% over last 15 years ? we may be heading for a mini ice age, Scientist know some thing is going to happen but are not quite sure how what when or where, we do know we have run out of oil, not a drop left in 40 years, aren't we lucky it is Life and Life only.
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Ben Martin Horst <ben.martinhorst at gmail.com> wrote:
  webmaster at pfaf.org wrote:
> We're not all fucked! Certainly those of us in the west are going to be
> more protected from the effects than Bangladesh and other poorer
> countries. Its also possible that permaculture plots may be more
> resilient to the changes than conventional growers. Both Gaia theory and
> permaculture suggest that a more diverse eco-system will be less fragile.
I would argue that those of us in the "West" (ie, those of us with 
relative wealth) are not going to be "more protected" from the effects 
of climate change, although we may perhaps be more able to escape the 
effects of individual climate-change-related disasters. Meaning, Florida 
and Long Island will be just as soggy as Bangladesh and Bikini, even if 
Floridians have more means to escape individual flooding events than the 
average Bangladeshi. Then again, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may 
indicate that USonians really won't be that much better off.

In the long run, accumulated monetary wealth is going to have a 
negligible impact on survival. Much more important will be adaptability 
and networks of friends, kin, or like-minded people ... characteristics 
that are arguably lacking in much of the "West." And long term, networks 
and adaptability are going to be much more valuable in the promulgation 
and success of permaculture than monetary wealth. I suspect that five 
hundred years from now, the descendants of today's "Third World" 
populations will have coped with climate change at least as well as 

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