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> Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 19:45:41 +0100
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> God!
> How you can reprint anything from this geezer?
> I thought we would be spared him, after this, and hopefully his last 
> time around the book circuit?
> [snip]
> Or you ignore the rantings of atomic energy-book-peddling fool and just 
> get on with it, like we have been anyway.
For whats its worth this time round the book peddling has more to do
with the publisher, Penguin than him. After a conversation with a small
book shop owner local to Lovelock it seems Penguin have pushed him very
hard to publicize the book through a book signings tours etc.

> And he reckons we're all fucked already, so what is there to talk about?
> You either believe him, hmm, and just give-up or top yourself (helpful 
> to humanity as this will be Lovelock-followers)

Maybe we are? We've know about the greenhouse effect for 20 years now
and its taken all that time for the resistance to the idea to dissipate.
During that 20 years there was a window of opportunity where it may have
been technically possible to stop the process. Alas action on a
sufficiently large scale has not been taken and another x-billion tons
of CO2 has been pumped into the atmosphere making the situation far
worse. The job of keeping our climate to last millennium state is now
much harder than it was 20 years ago. Even if we were to stop all
emissions today a natural process has begun and it will continue for the
rest of this century.

So maybe its time for a rethink. The question now is not so much how do
we prevent climate change - sorry the time for that has gone, but more
how do we live in a world with a rapidly changing climate. Nature is
moving and as permaculture practitioners we should try to understand and
observe that, and respect the changes and incorporate then into our designs.

We're not all fucked! Certainly those of us in the west are going to be
more protected from the effects than Bangladesh and other poorer
countries. Its also possible that permaculture plots may be more
resilient to the changes than conventional growers. Both Gaia theory and
permaculture suggest that a more diverse eco-system will be less fragile.

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