[permaculture] Lovelock:- Crazed old fool?

Niels Corfield mudguard at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 04:52:51 EDT 2006

jedd wrote:

>On Thursday 06 July 2006 6:01 pm, Niels Corfield wrote:
> ] To overlook the nuclear issue is really to gloss over his politics.
> OTOH, to focus solely on it, and ignore the rest of what he
> has to say, may reveal an abundance about yours.
Yes, quite likely.
He thinks that nuclear is the only solution to global energy demands.
In short he advocates, in Peak Oil Speak, a "techno-fantasy" solution.
Which I was under the impression that most folk on the list are clear 
that this is untenable.

> You say that "he reckons we're all fucked already" despite him
> asserting, during pretty much every interview he's done in
> recent times, that this is most definitely *not* his view.  I haven't
> read TROG yet, but I don't expect to find those words in that
> tome ... not even in the epilogue.
That is the stance put forward at the lecture attended by friends in Totnes.
Massive increases in temp, significant population losses, far polar 
extremes only remaining habitable.

> You say that :
> "... how he has offered to store all of  the UK's nuclear waste in
> his backgarden.   Since he somehow believes that the quantities
> will be so insignificant and the same is true for toxicity."
> Whereas in his interview with Mark Lawson recently, he made it
> quite clear he was happy to have some waste in his back yard,
> wrapped up, as it were, in a sizeable lump of concrete.
> I never got the impression he thought the total quantities being
> talked about were trivial, or that he'd want all waste shipped to that
> spot over there, between his clothes line and the compost bin.
> You say that:
> "/The Revenge of Gaia/ Why not just call it ... /Gaia 2 -the Sequel/
> /(this time it's for real!) or Gaia's II -She's Back! And She's Pissed!/"
> I'm not sure if you're suggesting the title of the book is too
> melodramatic (I don't believe it is - most people are hugely
> underestimating the problems coming up, and it is, after all,
> just an appellation) or if it's too much of a nod to pop culture,
> or perhaps it's just not *serious* enough for a book title.  The
> complaint does sound a smidgen petty, though.
So if Gaia is an encompassing "self-regulating system" then how can she 
have "revenge".
It makes her out to be a god, exacting retribution on her wayward subjects.

We all know climate change is real.
We don't need, I think (better add that one in) to spend time chasing 
round after "experts" telling us how this or that technology is in our 
best interests.
And how it is our only hope.

> Disclaimer -- I'm not an advocate for all his beliefs, and I don't
> believe he has a Full And Complete Answer For Every Problem, but
> at the very least he's got an impressive track record of research, and
> an audience that's bigger than anyone else's on 'our side' has, with
> the consequence that he's likely to get a lot of people thinking about
> a lot of issues that we (generic) might consider both important and
> related.  I think it would be churlish to dismiss, and encourage
> others to dismiss, all his varied insights, thoughts, and suggestions
> merely because you happen to disagree with one of them.
> For my own part, I think nuclear fission is not a worthwhile
> investment of our rapidly dwindling resources, and I think there are
> other things he's revealed during his interviews that are far less
> encouraging than his pro-fission stance.
> Jedd.
In my lighter moments of reflection of him, when I'm not seething with 
anger, I like to think of him a man in the park wearing a sandwich-board 
(you know a sign strapped to his person) with the words: "The End of the 
World is Nigh" ;-)

BTW Has anyone read the review of TROG in Perma Activist?

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