[permaculture] nuclear energy

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 5 15:50:51 EDT 2006

   I don't think nuclear energy will hlep much to solve the global warming 
problem.  Uranium still has to be dug out of the earth, transported over 
long distances, purified by very energy intensive methods.  Most of these 
processes require fossil fuel energy inputs.  Nuclear power plants have to 
be constructed at very high capital costs, again a very energy intensive 
process. The construction can take up to decade. I think the amount of CO2 
reduction obtained by switching from fossil fuel to nuclear energy would be 
  What amazes me sometimes is that people advocating an increase in nuclear 
power generation often live in developed countries that are trying to stop 
other countries like Iran, North Korea or Venezuela from developing there 
own nuclear industries.  Increased use of nuclear energy in the developed 
countries will make it easier for other countries to obtain the technology 
and material to build their own nuclear industries, for both peaceful and 
military purposes.


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