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Wed Jul 5 01:21:48 EDT 2006

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The following topics are covered below:

*  Our 11th Annual Permaculture Design Course 
Online Begins Nov. 5.

*  Faculty added to the permaculture design 

*  New Barking Frogs Permaculture web site.

*  New features to the permaculture design course 

*  Scholarship Application Deadline

*  Internships at Barking Frogs Permaculture 

*  Massachusetts permaculture site available to 

o  The 11th annual Elfin Permaculture Design 
Course Online begins Nov. 5, 2006, and runs about 
six months.  Learning tools include a course CD 
with more than 300 items including instructors' 
"lectures," data bases, handbooks, pamphlets, 
sample designs, and reference materials.  Students 
complete a minimum of four reports each, including 
a full permaculture design report, complete weekly 
readings, and discuss readings and designs via 
conventional email. During the course cycle, we 
frequently send students emails with supplemental 
materials. Persons not enrolled in the course may 
enroll as silent monitors for the price of the 
course CD.  The highly discounted course reading 
list is available to all students and a self-study 
version is available to monitors or others for who 
wish to advance their permaculture knowledge and 
skills at their own pace.  For information, 
download the course preregistration package from 
www.barkingfrogspc.org or request the package from 
BarkingFrogsPC at aol.com  Tuition will remain frozen 
at the old level until Jan. 1, 2007, when there 
will be a general tuition increase. See the Course 
Fee Table on our web site or in the course 
protocol for fees, which vary according to how the 
student customizes participation in the course.

o  Willem Smuts, associated with the Elfin 
Permaculture online course for more than 10 years, 
will lead discussions beginning in cycle 11 of the 
online course.  Dan Hemenway, who designed this 
online version of the certificate permaculture 
course, will continue to oversee and review 
student design projects and make certification 
decisions, and Cynthia Hemenway, CNM, will 
continue to lead the course's unique Design for 
Health module.  Robert Waldrop, key person in the 
Oklahoma Food Cooperative and the Oklahoma 
Sustainability Network, will serve as assistant 
instructor.  Biographical info on the instructors 
is available at www.barkingfrogspc.org

o  Robert Waldrop has created our new web site at 
www.barkingfrogspc.org  The site is now up and 
running and includes all basic documents to date.

o  We have added two new features to the Elfin 
Permaculture Design Course to make it more 
flexible and useful to a broader spectrum of 
prospective permaculturists.  Certificate students 
now can select either of two alternatives for 
completing the full required permaculture design 
report. Students seeking relatively prompt 
certification can elect the "fast track", which 
enables them to earn certification, with intensive 
work, within the framework of the six-month 
cycles.  Now students who wish a longer period of 
support on the design process can take up to two 
years to complete their design and get 
certification. Students must elect either the 
"fast track" or the "deliberate track" early in 
the course cycle.  Enrollment in either track is 
limited because review of design reports is a time 
consuming job.  Download the course protocol from 
our web site for details.  As of July 1, 2006, is 
the option to take the course on a 
not-for-certification basis at a reduced tuition. 
Non-certificate students may present design 
reports for up to two readings with review and 
commentary by one of the instructors.  If the 
details are not yet up on our web site, contact 
BarkingFrogsPC at aol.com .  The non-certificate 
status is a superior way to get sustained 
consulting on a design for one's home at much less 
cost than one-on-one consulting fees.  Moreover 
the student receives input from the entire class, 
not just one permaculturists.

.  The deadline for scholarship applications to 
our online course is Aug. 1.  This is the deadline 
every year.  Download instructions from our web 
site, www.barkingfrogspc.org

o Up to two simultaneous internships are available 
at Barking Frogs Permaculture Center for people 
age18 or over living locally or willing to tent. 
Interns may elect to complete work on the Barking 
Frogs guest quarters and then use them for the 
balance of the internship.  Internships can be for 
any portion of the year or for an entire year, as 
we can work out of doors at all seasons in our 
Florida site.  There is no charge for training. 
Successful interns may move on to develop profit 
sharing enterprises based on use of our 
permaculture site. For details, download the 
intern FAQs from the Barking Frogs web site.  The 
FAQs provide instructions for applying for an 
internship.  We cannot consider prospective 
interns who do not follow these instructions. 
Interns who have completed a certificate Elfin 
Permaculture Design Course may be given advanced 
work.  Interns may be allowed to monitor the 
online course if it is running during their 
internship.  In addition to general 
implementation, operation and management of our 
design, interns may specialize in projects such as 
chinampas building and management, tree 
crops/agroforestry/forest garden work, 
aquaculture, livestock integration, bamboo growing 
and utilization, roof catchment and cistern 
systems, various building, repair, earthworks, and 
masonry projects, etc.

o  About 18 acres of land which has received no 
toxic chemicals for at least 25 years, longer in 
most parts, are available in Williamsburg, 
Massachusetts, just north of Northampton.  The 
site is not "developed", but includes plantings of 
fully mature black walnut, blueberries, and other 
tree crops.  Mostly wooded, it is bounded by a 
year-round excellent trout stream on one side. 
Purchase will include a full day of consulting by 
Dan Hemenway, co-owner of the land.  The site is 
presently in a form of conservation status with 
greatly reduced taxes. This is transferable to a 
new owner of at least 5 acres.  We will subdivide, 
if desired, but only in a rational pattern that is 
best for the land.  Frontage is an excellent 
county road, and the site, while very rural, is 
accessible to cultural resources in Northampton by 
car within 10 to 15 minutes, a bit longer by bus. 
Contact Dan Hemenway at BarkingFrogsPC at aol.com 
with specific questions.  We have local family in 
New England who can show the land and even provide 
preliminary work if desired.

Barking Frogs Permaculture Center

Our 11th Annual Permaculture Design Course Online 
begins Nov. 5, 2006. The protocol for our Annual 
Permaculture Design Course Online is at 

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