[permaculture] ideas for growing chicken feed

Forest Garden forestgarden at gvtc.com
Tue Jul 4 23:13:57 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

I am looking into how I can sustainably grow chicken feed.  If you are
already doing this, or have some ideas, I would really appreciate some
input.  Ideally, I would like to be able to maintian about 50 birds year
round.  I live in Central Texas which can range from zone 7 to 10 in any
given year.  Most of our soil is sandy and slightly acidic, but we do have
some clayey areas.  Not much lioam, but we are working on it.  Perrenial or
self-seeding sources preferred.   Drought and heat tolerance always a good
thing in our neighborhood.  We theoretically get about 34" per year, but
that can very quite a bit from year to year.  I am  keeping the chickens in
tractors and collecting the eggs for sale.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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