[permaculture] BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Global warming: Crisis for Earth?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Jul 4 18:53:59 EDT 2006

Niels Corfield wrote:

> How you can reprint anything from this geezer?

> I thought we would be spared him, after this, and hopefully his last 
> time around the book circuit?

I thought James Lovelock was OK as he authored the original book on the Gaia concept (or did he?)

> But no!
> People actually listen to this crazed old fool!

I'm sure plenty have. I thought he more or less atarted the movement that empbraced the concept of Gaia.

> /The Revenge of Gaia/! Why not just call it /Gaia 2 -the Sequel/ /(this 
> time it's for real!) or Gaia's II -She's Back! And She's Pissed!/
> And he reckons we're all fucked already, so what is there to talk about?
> You either believe him, hmm, and just give-up or top yourself (helpful 
> to humanity as this will be Lovelock-followers)

So what's notOK about Lovelock?

> Or you ignore the rantings of atomic energy-book-peddling fool and just 
> get on with it, like we have been anyway.
> Sorry Lawrence.

Sorry, I/m out of the loop on this.

Tell us what your scythe recommendations are, namely which blades (brands) for which tasks.
What scythe would be good for cutting weeds off the tops of long wide tall raised beds when you're standing in the 
ditch/furrow between beds?

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