[permaculture] Off The Contour Test II

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Mon Jul 3 13:26:00 EDT 2006

Monday, July 3, 2006, 3:38:56 PM, you wrote:

d> G'day, 

d> Had a bit of a confounding play and hopefully my efforts of dreamweaver 
d> discovery have been successful, lest I'll find someone who really knows what 
d> they are doing. So can someone quickly confirm that these pages are 
d> accessible so I can be put to rest. 

d> http://www.permaculture.biz/OffTheContour.htm 

d> Ciao, 

d> Daz 
Hi Darren,
Can see the pics now! (I was one of the folks who couldn't see them before )
Mozilla Firefox
Jedd is right though about the "C:\\\ stuff"
oh the joys of html coding...


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