[permaculture] pond update and rainwater

Clint Popetz clint at cpopetz.com
Sun Jul 2 15:51:13 EDT 2006

On 7/2/06, Kathy Evans <evansdk at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Clint, Regarding your very helpful May email, how is your pond working out?
> is it pond inside a fence or do the ducks wander?

The pond is holding water well, the fish are eating the mosquito
larvae, we have dragonflies and toads (yay!), and the ducks love the
water.  In fact, their behavior has evolved a lot since the pond went
in.  Previously they hung out with the chickens, and the hen dropped
her eggs wherever she happened to be standing.  Now they've built a
nest near the pond, of which they are both very protective.  He swims
in the pond and honks whenever anyone goes near it (day or night,
human or not) and she sits on it religiously.  It's very cute.  We're
going to let them hatch ducklings if they can, just for the fun of it.
 They also stopped trying to wander out of the yard as much; it feels
more like "home" with water, I suppose.  My only complaint is that
they decimated the water hyacinth.  It's a trick of finding plants
that grow enough to feed them without being decimated by them.
Arrowhead and duckweed seem to be working.  I'm open to suggestions on
that, BTW.

Regarding the fence, the pond isn't itself fenced, but it's in a
backyard that is now fenced (finishing one of the gates today, in

> also, can you give me an
> idea how the roof of the garage funnels rainwater into your garden? I would
> like to learn how to harvest rainwater. thanks, Kathy

I just direct the downspout into a 90 degree turn about 5 feet off the
ground, and the water falls onto a series of rocks (urbanite actually;
we have almost no naturally occuring stone on or around our lot) that
channel it into the pond.  The downspout from the house also feeds the
pond, through black flexible 4" hose.


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