[permaculture] permaculture lifestyles

Kathy Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 2 11:52:20 EDT 2006

I have been amazed, watching this email list, at what people are
accomplishing. I get little glimpses through conversations about hops or
scythes or retaining water in ponds...I would love to see some thumbnail
sketches of what you all really DO...what kind of space do you have,
ecosystem, how much of your food/energy do you manage to produce for how
many people and how do you handle waste and is this how you make your
living or do you have a day job and do you have a community that you
collaborate with? what does your life look like? I know each of you could
write a book on this topic, but I'd be ever so grateful to anyone who is
willing to give a brief bird's eye view of your operation, how long you've
been doing it, whether you started from a design standpoint or more from a
trial and error method, how it's evolved; what you think works best or what
your biggest problems are, how you got into it, rural or urban or suburban,
what your dreams are, how living this life has changed you. Just please
answer any of these questions that interest you with as much or as little
detail as you wish...I find myself wishing I could visit you all or take
some classes but single parenting gig at the moment, and resources don't
permit. Thanks!     Kathy in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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