[permaculture] A good scythe

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Jul 1 08:12:54 EDT 2006

Niels Corfield wrote:
> People and Charles M,
> Yes, purchase from Scythe Supply. -------Actually, perhaps not. See below.

The two companies are excellent and we need both of them.
You need to promote Scythe Supply as well as Peter's company. They are the only two sources of good scythes in North 

> The point I am making is the difference between one who /knows /the 
> scythe and one who /sells /it.

We do not need your helping to continue propagating all those uncharitable comments made by SC about SS,
pseudo puristic BS. SS sells excellent equipment. If SC sells better blades then buy them but SS's are also excellent.
People need scythes and they need to acquire them, learn to use them and put them to work. That's the most important 
thing. There is no need for pseudo-puristic petty carping about the competition when there's work to be done.

The person who started SS passed away, sadly, and his wife is continuing the business.

> Again, scythe supply /may /be an adequate supplier but read all of Peter 
> Vido's literature before doing so.

> He is by far the most experienced, known, West of the Atlantic, user.

SC is not the only fish in the sea.
SS offers excellent products that more then adequately meet the needs of 75% of all scythe users.
You can order scythe blades and a few accessories directly from SC; I am in the process of buying 4 of them myself.
Just read his website and find the contact page, email, write or phone your order.
Is it possible to order any equipment from Simon Fairlie for shipment to the US?

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