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Niels Corfield mudguard at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 07:27:01 EDT 2006

People and Charles M,

Yes, purchase from Scythe Supply. -------Actually, perhaps not. See below.

The point I am making is the difference between one who /knows /the 
scythe and one who /sells /it.

The knowledge extends from him, it is he who has designed the snaths 
that the Scythe Shop sell.

Talk to Peter, phone him and he will give clear, enlightening advice.
Here is his profile:

Again, scythe supply /may /be an adequate supplier but read all of Peter 
Vido's literature before doing so.
He is by far the most experienced, known, West of the Atlantic, user.

Here is his buyer's guide:
In this document he is quite clear the snaths supplied by Scythesupply 
are "nothing to brag about" and are /not /adjustable.
Without adjustment you risk an inadequate fit, and the potential for 
others to use it.

Adjustable snaths and full kits can be bought from Simon Fairlie.
Again although there are complications with payment, he only accepts 
cheque or cash, he at least is a user and a teacher, as well as a seller.
You might consider his set B package, which contains all the necessary 
parts and accessories. £117+postage.
It looks as though postage will be a considerable amount. Perhaps £100. 
Maybe you have some friends in England who could bring it over when they 
visit T&T?
Do get the book.

Happy hunting and don't be put off by the whole size of the issue.
Follow Peter's advice "someone wishing to purchase a good scythe ought 
to take more personal responsibility than when acquiring most other tools".
Get the right one and it /will /be worth the money, and it is a lot.
And it /will /last a lifetime, even a blade honed down to the last 
centimetre of depth /still cuts grass/.

All the best,

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

>Niels Corfield wrote:
>>Purchase one through scythe supply.
>>Be aware they are novices in the area.
>Hardly. Your are in the UK. I am here in NC USA and knew the founder of SS
>who knew Peter Vido and was instrumental in getting Peter's new edition of
>David Tresemer's scythe book published. He also successfully imported excellent scythe equipment of known quality from 
>the factories in Austria. Peter's website is amazing and a real inspiration to all who might consider using a scythe but 
>Scythe Supply
>will sell you a scythe and all associated accessories and training aides. SS and SC really cannot do without one 
>another. Credit must go where credit is due.
>>For advice the best person/site is Peter Vido's: www.scytheconnection.com.
>>You could email him for advice on blade selection.
>I could not find any place in his website where one could buy a scythe
>except the place in the UK but that is not for someone in the US who needs a scythe.
>>For snath length how tall are you and what will you be cutting? If you 
>>are six foot buy the longer snath, make sure it is adjustable.
>>Bare in mind the whole endeavour will be quite expensive. Best to not 
>>skimp, if you do it, do it well.
>>So do acquire the peening jig, the scythe book, sharpening stone and 
>>holder. It is important you buy the holder since it has to be used 
>>regularly when mowing: every 10 mins or less, and because the holder 
>>must be half-filled with water, for better sharpening.
>>Peter Vido, ultimately is the man when it comes to the scythe. Use his 
>>resources religiously!
>>Everytime you read the text, or watch the video something new will 
>>strike you.
>>Peening is ultimately the thing of most difficulty. HOwever it is 
>>essential for ultimate sharpness.
>>The book will help.
>>You could talk to local craft folk. ANyone that works metal can give 
>>_related_ advice: panel beaters, jewelry makers, blacksmiths etc.
>>Peening is forging, cold. But with the jig it is much simpler.
>>The process is somewhere between jewelry making and smithing.
>>Remember: *
>>    * *always support the blade* whilst peening
>>    * one pass (though the jig) is enough, nightly
>>    * maintain _even_ *"tension" *across the blade. Forging puts the
>>      blade into tension, keep that.
>You can get all this information from Scythe Supply too.
>>You can also talk to Simon Fairlie in the UK, 
>>http://del.icio.us/entrailer/Scythes he is very helpful chap.
>Scythe Supply
>496 Shore Road
>Perry, Maine, 04667
>info at scythesupply.com
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