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One more to consider is a Puli (Hungarian sheep dog).  On the small side
of medium, great instincts, very smart.  Our family puli saved my life
twice when I was little.  Often with cords, ours had straight hair.  Great

You might check out puliclub.org as a place to start.


> Hi Marjory,
> I think I would have to agree that an Australian shepherd or an aussie
> cross
> might do the job for you.  I have Border Collies, and one just recently
> figured out that deer come out of the woods.  She thinks she is going to
> fetch them back to me!  BUT, Border Collies are so obsessive that they
> need
> to be kept up unless being worked.  They can and will work anything they
> can
> find to the point of heat exhaustion.  Guess how I know???  And they will
> work the neighbors livestock if there aren't any closer.  Australians are
> not quite so obsessive, and are good family dogs, and are smart, too.  If
> you look for one, ask for a calm one.  Seems that they are getting bred to
> be rather high strung these days.  Like Toby said, any crossbred dog that
> has some hunting dog could be a good dog for what you want.  I wouldn't
> get
> a pure hunting dog...a lot of them tend to take off after something and
> not
> remember to come home.  They can be pretty obsessive too.  As for a dog
> that
> stays home, that has to be taught to them.  They can't be allowed to just
> wander all over the place from the time they are puppies.  I can give you
> tips for this in private email if you would like.
> Since you have or are planning to have all those animals, you might like a
> working Border Collie.  Mine works sheep, the cows, turkeys and chickens
> and
> even put the 400 pound pigs back in their pen when they got out before
> they
> met their end.  She also chases the wild turkeys out of the garden after
> wheat is planted!  They can be very useful IF you find someone to help you
> train one, if you don't know how.  There are many BC folks around who
> would
> help, like me!!!
> I also got a Jack Russell terrier to hunt and kill moles.  I have caught
> him
> chasing a raccoon and an oppossum out of the yard at night.  Don't know
> about deer, but he is an affectionate dog, and fairly smart, and he stays
> around the house, too.
> Hope this gives you some ideas!  Good luck, Lisa
> PS  I tie a dog on the woods side of the corn garden every night, every
> corn
> season...that solves the raccoon problem.
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>> OK, my dh would explode if he knew I was contemplating this, but I
>> really
>> have too many visitng deer and I think the best solution would be a good
>> dog.
>> First of all, would a dog do this kind of job well?  Does anyone have
>> any
>> knowledge or recommendations for breeds or types of dogs that would be
>> best?  The area to be 'patrolled' is about 2 acres.  Since we have two
>> children, the dog would of course be a part of the family.  It would
>> definately be an outside dog with it's own little home.  We also have
>> chickens, guineas, geese, and cows (planning on sheep and rabbits soon).
>> A
>> home-bound attitude (not wanting to leave the property) is also
>> necessary.
>> I think a medium size would be best - large enough to scare a racoon,
>> but
>> small enough to keep the feed requirements down, would be good.
>> Any suggestions or experiences along these lines?
>> Sincerely,
>> Marjory
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