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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Dec 24 18:56:38 EST 2006

Heather Coburn Flores wrote:

 >   The main reason I "abandoned the term" is because, while I wanted my readers to know about permaculture, I did not 
 >want to write a "permaculture book." And because it seems like whenever anyone even mentions the term, all of the 
 >grumpy old permies get all worked up over the "right" to use it. Absurd. It's a word. Subject to personal

This is something new. I don't think this issue has surfaced for a long time.
So it is true that one cannot publish a literary work for profit and even use the word "permaculture" in the text, title 
or description, i.e. that the publication is _about_ "permaculture"?

Permaculture as a movement and as an umbrella discipline, offering much to the world, is extremely important and should 
not be subject to restrictions of this nature.

What's the final word on trademark restrictions on use of the word permaculture, if any?

 >interpretation like all other words. I have my certificate, and a right to my opinion. And when was the last time 
 >anyone read a book in which they agreed with every single paragraph anyway? It's nice to rock the boat a little, keeps 
 >us on our toes!

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