[permaculture] forest thicket compost petition to Mother Earth News

John Fritz johnfritz77 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 13:01:12 EST 2006

My first exposure to the concept of Permaculture was about 1981, when I read the Mother Earth News interview of Bill Mollison.  One of the lasting points I took from the interview was the work of Jean Pain in France.  Mollison told of Pain's ability to provide all of his heating needs with onsite resources: space heating, hot water, and cooking.  This was accomplished by the use of composted forest waste.  Today, this is an established method in France.  See this link:
   www.jean-pain.com/mpii450.html , and
www.jean-pain.com/mpii600.html  for the specialized wood chipper used in this process.  
  What I find incredible in this situation is that this method has not gained widespread use outside of France, especially with the ever nearer time of depletion of our natural gas supplies.  Obiviously translation presents somewhat of a problem but should not be insurmountable. (I've heard that the concept of "American Fries" has been abandoned by the bloviaters in Washington, and that it is once again acceptable to order French Fries : ) )
  What I am proposing to the members of this list is a concerted effort, a petition if you will, to the Mother Earth News to do a cover story about the success of this method in France and how it could be adapted to use in the rest of the world.  
  I will be drafting such a petition, and if there is enough interest from the members of this list I will post it with a link to the Mother Earth News. 
  Any takers?
  John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
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