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Just happened in the middle of this conversation--

  We compiled a relatively simple Excel format for our Eugene 
Permaculture Guild Plant Species List.  A group of us gathered around 
the fire last winter and talked about our favorite plants that do 
well in our region, the Willamette Valley.  The list could be almost 
endless- so we focused on those that we had experience with and were 
easy to grow.

I'd be glad to share an example if you have the program Excel...... 
this is an ongoing project, of which we are in the first phase.


Agro-Ecology Northwest
Eugene, Oregon

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On Saturday 16 December 2006 6:11 pm, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
  ] These is a considerable amount of information there that would be useful
  ] to us now. I'll glean some and post it here.

  That'd be great - if either you or Richard could precis the
  discussion over there so far.

  I've been pondering a plant observations database for some time,
  but once it got up to about four dimensions my ears started
  to bleed.


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