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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Dec 16 02:11:06 EST 2006

Richard Archer wrote:

> I'm still interested in such a project too, and if it's developed
> in PHP I'll even be able to help.

Wonderful. Your help would be very valuable.

> Much of the discussion on the pcplantdb mailing list is pertinent
> to this project... the outline of what that project was trying
> to create is still relevant now.

It is almost identical except that this new one would include a wider range of topics
(I assume this is what others have in mind), things such as renewable energy, alternative architecture,
farming, homesteading and appropriate technology, or at least gleanings from these topics.
This could be a comprehensive representation of permaculture in data stored in a database.
Hope this description isn't an example of beginning design creep.

> Are the archives of that list online somewhere?

Yes but the archives are only available to list members.

These is a considerable amount of information there that would be useful
to us now. I'll glean some and post it here.

You are aubscribed as pcplantdb at juggernaut.com.au so I
just added you as permaculture at juggernaut.com.au. You can unsub either
in case you're subscribed twice.

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