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Bear Kaufmann bear at ursine-design.com
Sat Dec 16 02:03:06 EST 2006

Hi Richard and all,

The pcplantdb and piw lists still exist as far as I know. I would agree 
that they'd be a good resource to check out.
Development on that project seems to be stalled at the moment.

I did develop something to test some of my ideas using PHP and MySQL, 
inspired by del.icio.us, tags, faceted browsing, etc. People can check 
it out at http://piw.openpermaculture.org it's still a bit rough around 
the edges, and there is no FAQ/help, but try it out.

The primary data sources are PFAF and USDA Plants. "Words" come from the 
descriptive text from the PFAF dataset. The primary thing you can do is 
explore plants with similar attributes, and find out the common 
attributes within that "set".

For example:
Plants grown as a hedge and propagated by seed:

Plants with edible fruit and high calcium carbonate tolerance:


Richard Archer wrote:
> I'm still interested in such a project too, and if it's developed
> in PHP I'll even be able to help.
> Much of the discussion on the pcplantdb mailing list is pertinent
> to this project... the outline of what that project was trying
> to create is still relevant now.
> Are the archives of that list online somewhere?
>  ...R.
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