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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Dec 16 01:17:27 EST 2006

negiliblek wrote:

> Paul Cereghino wrote:

> I'd came to the same conclusion: conceptual tables that include what you're calling an element table, an input output table, and a project table.
> ...if one chooses to see more detailed technical information on a project, the project table will point to a set of "specialty tables" like the ones I first posted. 

>>processes (element does some function/work/process)
>>outputs (element produces output)
>>contraints (element doesn't function in presence of condition)

or element requires, thrives in or merely survives in presence of condition

Could INPUT be included, as when an element does better with, or requires for survival, the output of another element 
(symbiosis [conifers + mycorrhizal fungi providing P & Fe])
- or "input" as an environmental element or condition (soil condition) when an element requires high or low soil pH [low 
pH, ericaceae (blueberries), calciphobe]); this might be classes as a "constraint"

> -thanks to your input, I'm going to add contraints and processes to the three concept tables (now was your input endothermic or exothermic? :] ).

> And you've just given me a problem to solve:

>>what if elements have different  attributes based 
>>on climate?! You could have biome independant attributes and biome 
>>dependant attributes or you could just qualify linkages

>>Y'know... even just developing the 
>>element input/output analysis 
>>collectively would have tremendous value... and that could be done by 
>>simply aggressively structuring an existing Wiki.

> which three (or more) existing Wiki's have the soundest, technical information?  {oh am I ever asking for a holy war now}  But really, I want everyone's opinion on which Wiki site(s) they'd use if they were about to start a major project on their own property?

Which Wiki software or which Permaculture wiki's that allow user input?

Graham's Permawiki (uses Mediawiki) and the Wikipedia permaculture entry (also Mediawiki).
Mediawiki (wiki), Drupal (cms & blog), Wordpress & Moveable Type (blogs)
others: PMWiki, Tikiwiki, PHPWiki
Other very useful resources: RSS Feeds, del.icio.us shared bookmarks,
Google's Blogger, Picasaweb, Gmail, Google Groups & Custom Search Engine/Google CoOp

> Keep the ideas coming even if you're not sure what the heck a RDB is; give me another week before I post the conceptual tables though.

Good work & thanks.

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