[permaculture] Farmer on hunger strike in Ontario, raw milk farm raided by gov't

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Fri Dec 15 16:46:38 EST 2006

Permaculture activists -

In case you haven't heard, Glencolton Farms in Ontario was raided
for selling raw milk.  Equipment, cheese, computers, and files were

Michael Schmidt the biodynamic farmer is now on Day 22 of a
hunger strike in protest.

Michael and I co-taught a 3-hour biodynamic workshop at the
big organic agriculture conference on the Canadian prairies
in Saskatoon a couple years ago.

His grandparents were among the 60 farmers present at
Koberwitz estates during the week when Rudolf Steiner
gave the lectures on agriculture.   He grandparents were
biodynamic farmers, his parents were biodynamic farmers.
Michael has carried on the tradition and Glencolton Farms is
an important part of the food community near Toronto.

Michael is a master biodynamic farmer who cares deeply about
raising nutritious foods, the health of communities, and the rights
of farmers to earn a living without interference from archaic
government regulations.


I hope readers will offer support.


Steve Diver
NW Arkansas

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