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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Dec 14 00:26:13 EST 2006

negiliblek wrote:

> LL wrote:
>>At one time there was interest in this list in creating an online 
>>permaculture relational database,
>>showing relationships between elements in a permaculture system. I had 
>>hoped that this would become a global project
>>that would offer the opportunity for people to enter data from their 
>>own bioregion for the benefit of others in that
>>part of the world and those elsewhere interested in learning from their 

> Lawrence:
> If you're still interested in creating a database, I like the clarity a relational database brings to complex systems.

That is what I keep hearing, an RDb is the best way to go. Others suggest merging a Rdb with wiki software, i.e. MediaWiki.

> If you have a server with mysql, apache, and php to which you are willing to give me ssl  and ftp access, I can guarantee one day a month to:
> designing the database layout,
> creating the database;
> creating tables, indexes, constraints;
> and writing simple php pages (non object oriented coding) to both access and enter data.

I do have access to all of the above and thanks. I will have to point you to them so they can set up your account and 
the accounts for the database.

Also needed is a website and possibly a blog; Wordpress is a good choice.

> While I'm aware that one day a month isn't much, it's what you can be assured of from me   ....and I'd be in it for the long haul.

This is very generous of you. I have been interested in this since the idea of having a PC database for online users 
came up in this list many years ago.

> I'd need a much clearer idea of how you envisioned the database 

A database allowing queries of data about elements in a permaculture system and reveal relationships between these 
elements. It could be used as a discovery tool to find new guilds and useful, compatible components of a system.

> and I'd need an expert in each field of study to point out the key data point to collect from people: 

List members or anyone else interested are welcome to volunteer to be in a group knowledgable in a particular field or 
offer their expertise individually. Farming, landscaping, terramechanics, alternative architecture and construction are 
my main areas of expertise.

> -say for a wind turbine generator installation:
> windProject table: 
> ( rowID, projectID,projectName, longitude, latitude, windZone, expectedDaysUseableWind,towerHeight,towerMaterialConstruction,testedVAOutputAvg)
> windMeasurement table: (rowID,projectID,dateMeasured,measuringTowerHeight,timeMeasured,avgWindSpeed ) 
> windTurbine table:
> (rowID,projectID,turbineType,turbineMake,turbineModel,minWindSpeed,minOutput,maxWindSpeed, maxOutput,turbineWeight,turbineDimensions,turbinePropDimensions)
> whatcha think?
> negiliblek

Looks wonderful; I will put you in touch with the server staff so we can get going.
Other considerations:

A name for this project.

Do we want a .org, .net or .info domain and have that hosted instead of using the server's name?

I'll donate a domain for 3 years if that's the direction we want to take.

Some sort of peer review process to filter data entered; or a ranking system to evaluate data quality and usefullness
A registration or user authentication component as we will not want anonymous data entry

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