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Hi Scott, I do not have any suggestions for your food
preservation dilema but can not but help to wonder if you
are the same Scott Pittman that used to teach PE in Toowomba
Australia in the mid 70's?  Good luck with your challenging
Cheers,  John Caccia

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Preservation in Tropics
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>I am looking for any information on food preservation in
>tropics.  This  is in an area with no cash economy so zip
>lock bags for dehydrated food  is out, canning jars is out,
>or any other preservation method that  requires going to
>the store and buying something.
>Long term food preservation is critical in most of the
>world and in the  Tropics it is a challenge because of the
>high humidity and such rampant  fungal and bacterial
>activity.  In the villages where I am working  in  Africa
>the lack of storage technology means that one night of
>elephant  or monkey rampaging in the garden means hunger
>the next day.  In this  kind of food insecurity it is
>difficult to think beyond today or to plan  a way out of
>survival mode into some place of semi comfort.
>I am also looking for any contacts in Greece??
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Scott Pittman
>Permaculture Institute
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