[permaculture] wild world of wiki

jaj at rambly.com jaj at rambly.com
Wed Dec 13 10:41:44 EST 2006

hello!  i am a garden farmer on the west coast.  currently exploring NoDig beds
and worm-compatible compost piles near the beach.  small-scale (single tree)
agroforestry.  i have been noticing the topic of community sites and wikis
floating by more and more often, so i wanted to share my own
research/collaboration sites.

this one i just set up in a few hours yesterday, for a class project.  anyone is
welcome to edit it.

this was the first one, i jsut pasted all my postie notes from my desktop, but
havent organized them much yet.

tiddlyspots are free.  pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.  just
make a word have two capital letters and no space (NoSpace) and it becomes a
wikiword, with its own new tiddler.  

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