[permaculture] 'celebrating' Grameen, Nobel, and capitalism

kevin s k.skvorak at verizon.net
Tue Dec 12 09:49:32 EST 2006

hi folks,

i guess i woke in one of those 'moods' this morning, (so pls don't 
anyone take it personally) and i felt the urge to respond to this.

there is so much change under way in the world, good and bad.  i have 
been involved a lot lately with solidarity work for oaxaca where the 
old anticapitalist movement in mexico is being repressed in a new 
dirty war.  this is relevent - ( the new dirty war fueled by the same 
old US corporate interests)- because the struggle there is a 
representation of community self empowerment, using traditional 
indigenous models of political organizing and mutual aid, and i'll 
bet no one from APPO is sure as hell going to get a Nobel Prize for 

i mean, there are so many ways for poor people to re-gain self 
empowerment, is really becoming 'good little capitalists'  (with or 
without a garden) what these individuals and communities need most?

ok, i know this is a big simplification of grameen, but it seems to 
be the macro 'ethic' involved.

  traditional community structures are broken all over the world-and 
those that are left are resisting all over the world- and it is 
capitalism (colonialism,white supremacy, consumerism etc) that has 
broken them.

imho, in terms of ethics-  zapatismo has a lot more in common with 
permaculture than the Grameen bank does.  so i would celebrate if the 
Nobel went to one of the EZLN Comandantas

  i do have hope for permaculture as part of the solution for 
privileged industrialized people and those 'down below' alike.    but 
i'm sorry i don't have hope for a permaculture 'movement' that 
indentifies more with 'lifestyle' liberal green consumerism, than it 
does with genuine social justice, local autonomy, and the like.  (i'm 
not saying it does-but it feels that way at times)

anyway, thanks for the rant space.  again, pls don't take it 
personally.  i am just mad at the world these days

in peace,


>From: Jim <ashevillecurrencyproject at gmail.com>
>I was at one of the many simultaneous house parties that took place
>around the USA yesterday, in celebration of the Nobel Prize going to
>Mohammed Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank. The house parties were
>organized by RESULTS,  ( results.org ) an anti-hunger group.
>The most intriguing thing for me was the revelation that, as a condition
>of getting a loan, borrowers promise to plant vegetables. Here's the
>text from the website, and the link to it.
>-- Jim
>The 16 decisions of Grameen Bank
>1. We shall follow and advance the four principles of Grameen Bank ---
>Discipline, Unity, Courage and Hard work  in all walks of our lives.
>2. Prosperity we shall bring to our families.
>3. We shall not live in dilapidated houses. We shall repair our houses
>and work towards constructing new houses at the earliest.
>4. We shall grow vegetables all the year round. We shall eat plenty of
>them and sell the surplus.
>5. During the plantation seasons, we shall plant as many seedlings as
>6. We shall plan to keep our families small. We shall minimize our
>expenditures. We shall look after our health.
>7. We shall educate our children and ensure that they can earn to pay
>for their education.
>8. We shall always keep our children and the environment clean.
>9. We shall build and use pit-latrines.
>10. We shall drink water from tubewells. If it is not available, we
>shall boil water or use alum.
>11. We shall not take any dowry at our sons' weddings, neither shall we
>give any dowry at our daughters wedding. We shall keep our centre free
>from the curse of dowry. We shall not practice child marriage.
>12. We shall not inflict any injustice on anyone, neither shall we allow
>anyone to do so.
>13. We shall collectively undertake bigger investments for higher incomes.
>14. We shall always be ready to help each other. If anyone is in
>difficulty, we shall all help him or her.
>15. If we come to know of any breach of discipline in any centre, we
>shall all go there and help restore discipline.
>16. We shall take part in all social activities collectively.

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