[permaculture] BY THE LIGHT OF A BURNING BRIDGE, A Permanent Goodbye to the United States, by Michael C. Ruppert

Trudie Redding tredding at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 29 12:54:40 EDT 2006

Everybody deserves a fresh start, if you ever need one, I for one will
not call you a wimp. Why should he stay to show a stronger message, What
is your definition of strong?
Reminds me of the time a rapist was attacking women in my naborhood. I
moved away to make a fresh start as I was not able to concentrate any
longer. A woman I know said I had wimped out. I was surprised and mad,
but while I was trying to figure out why she judged me so harshly she
finally told me that years before she had been attacked. So now she was
drinking herself to death. 
It's not selfish to want a fresh start, it is possibly a healthy choice
for the individual.
Trudie Redding
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Permanent Goodbye to the United States, by Michael C. Ruppert

Keith Johnson wrote:

> http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/081606_burning_bridge.shtml
> Those of you who haven't read Ruppert's /Crossing the Rubicon 
> /(available through the Activist) might be interested in his farewell
> the United States following the break-in of his offices and the 
> destruction of all his computers (shades of 'krystalnacht'?)

I just read his article. Sounds like he may have had too much free time
on his hands.
What a wimp to wuss out, leave his friends, his organization and
suporters holding the bag
and "flee" into waiting arms in Venezuela. He could have stayed and sent
a much stronger message instead of letting his paranoia get the better
of him.
As Akiva said his message was one of defeat, not one of holding the fort
and not giving ground.
Whine and run doesn't cut it these days. He could have stayed and joined
a permaculture community instead.
Much better message.

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