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does your comfrey do okay in strong sunlight, or does it get a little shade? mine is really not happy at all, and i'm planning to move it to a shadier spot. and i ALSO have some lilacs that i was planning to move there this fall :) 

Roxann, NW AR

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>  Interesting complex, here in southwest WI I've been growing  
>  echinacea, angelica, blue flag, comfrey & lilacs around my pears.
>  ~mIEKAL
>  On Aug 28, 2006, at 8:07 AM, roxann wrote:
>  > i haven't been at this long enough to say whether it's good or not,  
>  > but here's what i have in my pear guild. comfrey, oregano, lemon  
>  > balm, sage, lavender, and echinacea. the comfrey is not doing well  
>  > because i believe the sun is too harsh on it and and one of the  
>  > lavender plants died. everything suffered from drought this summer,  
>  > but overall they all seem to be happy together. it is situated on a  
>  > steep southern slope with a native rock retaining wall, all mulched  
>  > with old hay. the pear itself is too young to bear but i am hoping  
>  > next year will be fruitfull. this may not be what you wanted to  
>  > know, but it's a start and i'd sure like to hear how others are  
>  > doing it, too. my plans are to terrace this entire hillside  
>  > eventually, but the going is very slow because i work away from  
>  > home too much.
>  >
>  > roxann, nw arkansas
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