[permaculture] fruit tree guilds

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Mon Aug 28 09:07:05 EDT 2006

i haven't been at this long enough to say whether it's good or not, but here's what i have in my pear guild. comfrey, oregano, lemon balm, sage, lavender, and echinacea. the comfrey is not doing well because i believe the sun is too harsh on it and and one of the lavender plants died. everything suffered from drought this summer, but overall they all seem to be happy together. it is situated on a steep southern slope with a native rock retaining wall, all mulched with old hay. the pear itself is too young to bear but i am hoping next year will be fruitfull. this may not be what you wanted to know, but it's a start and i'd sure like to hear how others are doing it, too. my plans are to terrace this entire hillside eventually, but the going is very slow because i work away from home too much.

roxann, nw arkansas

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>  good morning
>         I understand the theory but does anyone have any good fruit tree guilds[apple,pear peach,cherry] going that are thriving that would work here in Eastern Penna. What kind of combinations do you have going?  steve h

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