[permaculture] herb snake miso flogged on a plain

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Aug 25 04:17:35 EDT 2006

akiva w wrote:

> the miso i've gotten here seems mostly imported,
> though there is a surpisingly good selection. what i'd

> really like is the chunky-with intact grain miso they
> used to have in bulk at Community Foods in santa cruz,
> Follow Your Heart in santa barbara, and the Fairfax,
> CA healthfood store too (the Good Earth?). now THAT
> was some tasty miso, with seaweed tidbits and not to
> salty/strong so that you good practically eat it

These sound great & I've never seen these in a store but I bet they are available online somewhere.

> straight. do they have that in NC?

Not those above but:


I have mostly their imported Japanese varieties - mostly traditional barley, white, red, hatcho, etc.

>>Do you live anywhere near here?

> that looks like the north, i'm smack in the center...
> of the universe
> some say.

Nice photo, interesting countryside. Ole!

> here's a little article that would seem to influence
> how friendly hipsters are toward fundamentals/war on
> terror targets:

Don't tell Pat Robertson, he might get strange ideas.
Fundamentalistas don't drink corn likker like normal folks
they just sit on their pink white asses and absorb filtered,
predigested bible lore.

Mollison's books are the kind of bibles I like.
Ezekiel talks about the 7 year farming cycle, let the land rest on the seventh and plant an extra acre for the poor.

> Fundamentalists flog Somali woman in public
> Strict religious punishment raises fears of
> Taliban-style regime

I have heard about this sort of craziness in the nooz. Very sad.
There is so much the West can learn from the Middle East and so much enlightenment the West could share with it.
An example of some of the best of Islam: Moorish influence on Western culture through their stay in Spain during
which they created the first university and built the Alhambra. The art in that complex is nothing short of astounding.

"herb snake miso flogged on a plain"

Keep it between the mailboxes, Akiva.

Did you see my farmpix?


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